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May Custom Home Energy Efficient Metal Roofing

The roof on your home will protect your family for the next 15 years. So, a roof is a pretty important decision. Therefore, it is not an easy nor cheap project. Certainly, florida’s weather is extreme, it has hurricanes, humidity, rain, cold and hot temperatures. Metal roof is one of May Custom Home’s specialties. Metal roofs reflect sunlight, consequently, it help keep the inside of a building cooler for longer periods of time. This type of roof is more expensive, however, it has its perks. Metal roof has a higher resistance for fungus and moss growth and it will last at least 50 years.

May Custom Home Energy Efficient Metal Roofing

May Custom Home works with Thompson Architectural Metals, a proud partner of the Energy Star Roof Products Program, to give you the best quality metal roof for your home.

All our standard colors meet energy star requirements: Thompson White, Clay, Almond, Bone White, Grey, Grizzle Gray, Beige, Wicker, Light Stone, Med Bronze, Marine Green, Forest Green, Country Red, Brown, Musket Brown and Galvalume. Premium colors are subject to an additional cost and are in high demand due to its smooth finish. The premium colors available are: Bronze, Copper Penny, Patina Green, Cold Rolled Copper, Metallic Champagne and Terra Cotta.

We are able to match any color you would like for your home!

May Custom Home works Thompson Architectural Metals to provide your home the best quality Metal Roofing

 TM-Rib Panels

Metal Roof | Rib Panels

One of the most used in Florida, since it is cost effective. Certainly, the rib panel has a spanning capability that enables it is resistant on harsh weather conditions. For instance, the main characteristic is that it has two stiffening beads in between strong ribs. Among TM-Rib Panels there are different levels of thickness. We can go over it with you in consultation.

 TM-Lock Panels

Metal Roof | Lock Panels

The finish of this product is the highest known quality in the industry. This type of panels are normally used not only for residential, but also for agricultural, architectural, light commercial/industrial, garages, porches and gazebos or even to retrofit an over existing roof.

 TM-Standing Seam

Metal Roof | Standing Steam

Great for aesthetic effect with clean and sleek lines. It’s made with a raised portion where two panels meet, enhancing performance and weather resistance. The panels interlock between each other allowing thermal movement without damage.

Bottom Line metal roof will withstand the intensity of Florida weather for a longer period of time. Metal is pricier but must be the best choice for your situation. Here, at MAY Custom Home, can go over it in a one-o-one consultation.

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