MAY Custom Homes offer smart solutions.
Timelines, flat-rate pricing, and trained personnel are part of our culture.

We can restore any property after a natural disaster!

Certainly, count on our experience for a job done right and peace of mind.

85962481 - miami, florida - september 11, 2017: debris filled front yard of a typical home as a result of hurricane irma in the neighborhood of west miami.


Wind and hurricane damage can vary greatly.

However, it often includes damage to the roof, siding, Windows and Doors, paint and even drywall.

Count on our highly experienced restoration team.

We will assess, respond, and fully repair home and business damage. 


May Custom Home is a Florida State Certified General Contractor approved and authorized to work on insurance claims.

Therefore, your process will be as smooth as possible.

We also offer 100% finance with Zero down payment!  



Damage to your structures can occur from a variety of reasons.

Structural damage due to accidents, lack of proper maintenance, or simply aging can reduce a homes value and livability.

Shower pans may fail to direct water into the drainage system due to a leak problem.


Leaks may damage tiles, vanity, drywall, plywood, electricity and even add mold to your home.

Let MAY Custom Home restore your investment.

We accept all approved insurance claims.

We also offer 100% finance with Zero down payment!

insurance approved claims

44009499 - fire damage restoration


Fire and smoke damage can have a devastating effect on homes, personal items, and the well-being.

Moreover, our specially trained restoration team can quickly respond.

Therefore, we can provide an estimate, and begin the cleanup and restoration process as soon as possible.

Provide security to your family and property.

Contact May Custom Home as a ONE-STOP-SHOP certified and licensed contractor.

We have been taking care of the Tampa Bay Area since 1996.

Moreover, we are fast and we accept all approved claims.

We offer 100% finance and Zero down payment!


Mold growth happens in a blink of an eye.

In fact, water damage left untreated is particularly dangerous.

In other words, mold growth may lead to ongoing health issues such as asthma.

If you suspect there is mold in the building contact us immediately!

In May Custom Home we have the experience required to safely eliminate mold from your property.

As the Florida Department of Health states, all indoor mold growth should be removed promptly.

We accept all approved claims, offer 100% finance, and ask for Zero down payment.


Hurricane damages can be extensive and overwhelming.

In short, it requires a variety of specialists.

Between tree removal assessment, insurance applications, and recovery restoration we will take care of everything.

MAY Custom Homes is a ONE-STOP-SHOP, therefore, we provide you with one contact point.

So, there will only be one point of contact to answer any questions you may have during the process.

We have the experience required to safely approach hurricane damages.

We accept all approved claims!

We finance 100%!

Ask for our zero down payment!

63762590 - ponte vedra beach, florida, usa - october 11, 2016: a fallen tree after hurricane matthew blew along the east coast of florida on october 7, 2016.

Take advantage and renovate your home. We offer complete or partial home restore. Update your design.

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