The level of sophistication once reserved for estate homes is now available for luxury high-rise residences. We will transform your high-rise interior into a truly, beautiful home.

French Country Home – MAY Custom Home usually helps the owners in locating their property for their French Country Home whether on one acre or 200 acres. MAY Custom Home will customize the French Country Home, Barns, Landscape..etc to meet the owners dream home objectives.

CHECK LIST of Luxury Construction

MAY CUSTOM HOME provide the most innovative and creative processes of construction standards available? MAY CUSTOM HOME process increase the value of your investment?
MAY CUSTOM HOME CHECK LIST use of the latest materials for:

  • ▪ Exterior structures.
  • ▪ The prevention of mold and mildew.
  • ▪ A healthier indoor air quality.
  • ▪ High energy efficient HVAC, appliances, constuction products, Plumbing and solar systems.
  • ▪ Green Home certification.
  • ▪ Ease of maintenance.
  • ▪ Superior Crafted products and labor.
  • ▪ State of The Art Technology

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