Our Process

After walking the house with the owners and listen to their remodeling goals. MAY Custom Home prepares an estimate. Once the estimate approved by the owners, we provide in house professional in engineering plan that will be acceptable the building department and owner. Once suitable permits obtained then the remodeling process start. MAY Custom Home pride itself on spending enough time to plan before we start.

Adding additional space to your home’s existing structure does more than bring your dream home to life, it will also increase your home’s value.

MAY Custom Home Exterior
Remodeling Services:

Roofing Upgrades: Upgrade to a shingle, tile or metal roof

Window Upgrades: Upgrade your windows to new energy efficient impact windows

Exterior Upgrades: Upgrade your home’s siding, stucco or brick finishes

Electrical Panel Upgrades

Exterior Elevation Upgrades

Exterior Door Upgrades

Landscape and Lighting Upgrades

Luxury Construction - May Custom Home
May Custom Home - Historic Construction

Learn more about our great financial packages!

MAY Custom Home offers a range of financial packages with interest rates as low as 3.99% and zero down payment options when you install or upgrade your home’s solar systems, air conditioning, windows, doors or roofing.


MAY Custom Home can help with waterproofing your house or business. We provide you with a roofing system that fit your needs. MAY Custom Home specializes in shingle, metal, and flat roof systems.

Windows & Doors

MAY Custom Home can help with upgrading your existing windows and doors to new energy efficient, impact resistant doors and windows. We use only the most superior sealant and water proofing materials to ensure your new windows and doors are installed per the manufacturers specifications. Choose from a wide range of styles. Our impact doors and window will meet and even exceed the minimum code requirements.

Protect your home during hurricane season.


MAY Custom Home can help with updating and upgrading your current plumbing system. We use only the highest quality materials and specialize in upgrading your piping to CPVC.

let’s work together on your new project