10 Oct 2020

Energy Vampires

It’s a spooky season! You might be decorating your house for some fun Halloween scare with spooky lights, spider webs, and more! At the end of this month, you might be a little spooked by how much your energy bill went up from having some extra fun this holiday season. You should really be spooked every month you look at it because of how much energy is being used from the energy vampires that live in your home all year long!

These Vampires aren’t like the ones you are dressing up as. These vampires are things you use every day in your home. Your home computer, surge protectors, Televisions, cable modems, printers, clocks, coffee maker, and anything else that is left plugged. Vampire energy accounts for a minimum of 13% of your energy bill and can cost you $1500 extra a year.

So can you save money while keeping these energy vampires? Go Solar!

Solar can provide you and your family all the energy and more. Allowing you to keep those vampires around, not just for Halloween! May Custom Home is a professional solar installer with the team and resources to effectively save you money every month on energy.